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The 10 Best AI Search Engines to Try in 2024

In 2024, the digital world is swiftly growing, challenging traditional search engines to meet the rising demand for precise and relevant findings. This problem is highlighted by an extensive study that reviewed 7,392 product review queries on Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, which revealed a worrying decline in the quality of search results. Consequently, AI search engines are stepping onto the scene as a revolutionary answer. They introduce cutting-edge features like AI reverse and product searches to offer more profound, meaningful insights. Accordingly, these new AI search engines have markedly improved the user experience.

Let’s discuss the leading AI search engines making an impact in 2024. is an AI-powered search engine focusing on privacy while providing detailed and personalized search results. For those interested, is accessible at no cost for basic usage. However, a premium subscription is available for users seeking more advanced features at $20 per month or $180 annually. The search engine uses a proprietary language model, ensuring unique and effective search capabilities.


  • AI tools: Moreover, presents a variety of AI-enhanced tools, including an image generator, a chatbot, and a writer.
  • Privacy: doesn’t sell your data to advertisers, aiming to be a leader in user privacy.
  • YouAgent: This AI Search engine lets you write and run code directly, making searches interactive and packed with insights.

Andi Search is a free, AI search engine that highlights privacy and improves search experience. It uses advanced AI and semantic search technologies to transform online search. Furthermore, basic access to Andi Search is completely free. Moreover, the search engine uses LLM combined with live data to answer questions and summarize information based on the top sources.


  • Ad-Free: Providing a clean, ad-free reading experience.
  • AI Summaries: Provides AI generated summaries with images and videos for insights.
  • Privacy First: Providing user privacy and focusing on delivering a user-friendly search experience.

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Exa is an AI search engine that uses a Large Language Model (LLM). This search engine filters content based on meaning instead of keywords. By using transformers, Exa can provide relevant search results. Exa offers several pricing plans: Basic access is free, the Wanderer plan costs $100/month for starter projects, the Wanderer+ plan at $250/month for researchers, and the Enterprise plan provides custom solutions with pricing on request.


  • Customizability: Users can filter their searches by date, website, and topic, finding as many as 10 million results.
  • Similarity search: Users can search using examples of what they want, including URLs or paragraphs of text.
  • Categorical Searches: Users can search within categories such as tweets, papers, or blogs for more targeted and effective searching.

Brave Leo is an intelligent AI assistant inside the Brave browser. It’s designed to make your searches quicker and more efficient while keeping your private info secure. Leo has you covered whether you’re looking for websites, images, patents, products, or study materials. You can use it for free or opt for extra features at $15 a month. Anthropic’s AI Claude’s technology powers it.


  • Chat Anywhere: With Leo, you can start a chat on any website. This means you can get fast answers without leaving the page you’re on.
  • Privacy: Leo also makes sure your chats stay private, protecting your conversations.
  • Fast Search: Leo is good at understanding, translating, and rephrasing content on web pages. This makes your search experience much faster.

Phind is an AI search engine for developers. It finds code and solutions with references. Like many AI tools, it has a free basic option and paid upgrades. Premium subscriptions provide additional features like more processing power, image analysis, etc. This AI search engine is free for basic use, or you can pay $10.00 a month or $200 per year for more features.


  • Coding Assistance: Firstly, Phind is optimized for code generation and trained on extended code datasets and documentation.
  • Pair Programmer:  Phind offers real-time AI assistance and is perfect for guiding coding projects.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Phind’s searches are rapid because of high computing power.

Perplexity, an AI-powered search engine, excels in delivering relevant results for complex queries, including AI job search tools, AI product search, or AI for literature search. You can use the basic access for free, but if you’re looking for additional features, it’s $20 per month or $200 annually. The basic package uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3.5, while the pro package upgrades to more refined AI, featuring Anthropic’s Claude-2 and OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, guaranteeing better search results.


  • Personalized Search: Personalize your searches with the “focus” option to make results more relevant to you.
  • Document Analysis: Perplexity allows users to upload PDFs to get detailed insights and essential information.
  • Live Conversational Interaction: Enhance your search experience with the Copilot feature, which offers more detailed search assistance and summaries.

Bing has just launched Copilot, a new AI search engine that understands written and spoken questions. Copilot is very flexible, adept at solving math problems, searching for books and articles, and easily functioning as an AI website finder. Its flexibility and proficiency extend to AI for patent search, making it an invaluable resource for those looking for patents.  It’s also good at looking up patents and creating pictures. This tool uses the newest technology from OpenAI to make searching online better. It’s free to use, but you must have a Microsoft account.


  • Multilingual: Bing helps people who speak different languages find information fast.
  • Choose Your Chat Style: You can pick from “More Creative,” “More Balanced,” or “More Precise” to get just the right kind of help.
  • Trustworthy Answers: It gives you citations, so you know the information is reliable. This is super helpful for school or work research.

Waldo makes looking things up online easy and fast. Plus, you can precisely choose the type of files, which helps you find things quicker and with less hassle! To start, Waldo offers a free trial. Firstly, freelancers can sign up for $199 a month. Secondly, for teams, it’s $899 a month, and thirdly, big companies need to pay $1,494. Additionally, Waldo uses smart AI to ensure you find the best search results.


  • Pick Your View: You can set up filters and use special “lenses” to make sure you find what you want. This feature is handy because it tailors your search results exactly to your needs.
  • Quick Look Around: With keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly peek at data without opening many tabs. Consequently, this saves a lot of time and makes research smoother.
  • Study Helpers: Waldo has built-in tools for taking notes and quickly making documents, which is great for research. Moreover, these tools simplify the process of gathering and organizing information.

Google has launched Gemini, a new AI model that changes how we use the internet. Gemini can understand many data types, including text, code, sounds, and pictures. It’s excellent for finding patents, jobs, and images, marking a big step forward in AI. As an AI for searching images, it has become a crucial tool for visual content creators and marketers. Although the basic version is free for everyone, accessing the advanced features requires a monthly fee of $19.99. The language model Gemini, named “Gemini-1.0-Pro,” makes it an ideal AI search engine for everyone.


  • Flexibility: Gemini is optimized for various platforms, from personal computers to mobile devices.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Even when queries are complex or phrased imperfectly, Gemini’s advanced understanding ensures it delivers accurate and relevant responses.
  • AI Reverse Search: This feature supports reverse image searches, helping identify sources and find similar content.

Komo AI is a new AI search engine for everyone, aiming to change how we search. It lets users dive deep into topics and connect with various online groups to see different views. You can use the basic service for free. Also, Komo has a Basic plan for $8 a month and a Premium plan for $15 a month. Businesses can ask for special plans, but they need to contact Komo to get the details.


  • AI Search: Offers fast and private searches customized to your interests, ensuring relevant results.
  • Chat Feature: Users can get fast and clear answers from Komo’s chatbot, which helps them find information.
  • Discoverability: It’s easy to see what’s trending and what people are talking about on social media.

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