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Coffee Briefing Nov. 28 – Canadian 5G users will pay more for quality experience; Holiday shoppers on board with GenAI; KPGM and Chainalysis partner; and more

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Canadian 5G users want the best quality of experience and will pay more for it

A new study by Ericsson ConsumerLab reveals more than one-in-five Canadian 5G smartphone users will pay more for a 5G plan that ensures elevated network performance. This would include a plan that caters to high-performing video streaming, gaming, and other popular apps that boost user satisfaction. 

The 5G Value: Turning Performance into Value report by Ericsson ConsumerLab examines the business potential for communication service providers (CSPs) as consumer satisfaction with 5G rises, with Canada showing a 12 per cent year-over-year increase. 

This increase is fuelled by more 5G devices in the market, faster speeds, and an increase in 5G availability.

The report also found that Canadian 5G users are three times more likely to switch providers over poor 5G connectivity experiences in crowded locations like shopping malls and arenas. 

In addition, 41 per cent of users demand more data to justify price hikes, with 17 per cent looking for bundles with innovative services. Twenty two per cent expect high quality performance, and prioritize connectivity.

Canadian holiday shoppers interested in GenAI, Acenture survey finds

Source: Accenture

According to Accenture’s 2023 Holiday Shopping Survey, 45 per cent of global retail executives said they are experimenting with generative AI to see how it can enhance their business.

Canadian consumers are on board with it too, especially if the technology helps them save time and money. However, the more invasive it gets, the more resistant consumers are.

Key consumer highlights from Accenture’s survey reveal: 

  • 49 per cent would welcome AI assistance online to track prices and notify them of significant reductions.
  • 42 per cent would welcome AI assistance with returns and refunds.
  • 27 per cent would welcome AI in recommending other products that pair well with their purchase history, such as accessories to match a dress.
  • 22 per cent would welcome AI assistance for virtual try-ons; for example, to see if a clothing item suits them.

Deloitte Canada reaches agreement for carbon credits with CarbonCure

As part of Deloitte Canada’s commitment to sustainability and climate action, the firm has announced a multi-year agreement with CarbonCure Technologies for the purchase of high-quality carbon credits. Through this agreement, Deloitte said it will directly support the deployment of CarbonCure’s carbon removal technologies around the globe.

Recognized as the North American Cleantech Company of the Year in 2020, and grand prize winner of the Carbon XPRIZE in 2021, the Halifax-based firm has developed technologies that, according to a release, “inject captured and liquefied CO2  from industries and Direct Air Capture (DAC) into concrete. This not only permanently stores CO2 , but increases the concrete’s strength, resulting in economic and climate benefits.”

The multi-year agreement, it said, helps evolve Deloitte’s carbon management strategy to support development and scale of meaningful market solutions.

“Corporate buyers play a critical role as early investors in climate solutions that enable decarbonization of high-emitting industries and permanent carbon removal,” said Sheri Penner, managing partner of purpose and sustainability at Deloitte Canada. “Supporting the development and verification of high-quality carbon removal credits is crucial to scale the gigaton market that is needed to meet net-zero.”

KPMG in Canada, Chainalysis team up with pact to prevent crypto fraud

Source: KPMG and Chainalysis

KPMG in Canada and Chainalysis have announced they are teaming up to help reduce the threat of crypto fraud with the signing of a strategic agreement in which KPMG will join the Chainalysis Solution Provider program. 

The collaboration advances the certification of KPMG professionals as Chainalysis Certified Investigators, a release stated, which in turn enhances their ability to assist clients across public sector agencies and private sector businesses to detect and prevent illicit activity related to cryptoassets.

“Our clients look to us as trusted advisors in the cryptoasset space, and our relationship with Chainalysis is a commitment to helping those clients be more agile, innovative and compliance-focused in an ecosystem that’s constantly evolving,” said Kunal Bhasin, partner and cryptoassets and blockchain co-leader at KPMG in Canada. “This collaboration will help to further solidify KPMG’s expertise in forensic investigations and cryptoassets and blockchain technology.”

The combination, the release said, leverages the expertise of both firms to provide enhanced blockchain monitoring, support, governance, and risk management to help organizations adhere to evolving cryptoasset regulations and advance their Anti-Money Laundering Compliance programs.

Persistent claims first with new open source maintenance service

Source: Persistent Systems

This week, provider of digital engineering and enterprise modernization services Persistent Systems launched what it called a “unique maintenance service” that it said is the first-of-its-kind, and keeps an organization’s open source software up to date with all patches, bug fixes, and the latest software releases.

A release from the firm said the new offering is comprised of a “dedicated team of experts and specialists dealing with a wide range of complex software, equipped with the latest technologies, and backed by a knowledge base to help clients maintain their open source software with all releases for the continuity of business operations.”

Known as Persistent Open Source Hub and available on a subscription basis, the offering is a partnership between Persistent and Lineaje Inc., which specializes in software supply chain security management and whose technology and AI capabilities are integrated into the service.

Lineaje will enable Persistent to help clients gain visibility into open-source components and provide impact assessment and prioritization of maintenance based on compatibility, integrity, and security in their supply chain, the release said.

“While open source software offers numerous advantages, it also presents particular challenges in an enterprise environment,” it said. “Organizations face delays in software upgrades and maintenance while waiting for the open source community to provide fixes, which in turn means potentially missing software delivery and security compliance obligations.”

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AWS re:Invent grabs the spotlight, with cloud, cybersecurity and AI in a business focus

As its re:Invent conference opens in Las Vegas this week, AWS will make the case that it, too, has a leading role in the transformation that lies at the nexus of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

OpenAI saga ends as deal reached to reinstate Altman as CEO

Ousted OpenAI CEO Sam Altman will be returning to his position with the company, OpenAI said in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

Canadian organization are not prepared for new ESG standards and reporting regulations, study finds

Canadian organizations are nowhere near ready for the new environmental, social and governance standards and reporting regulations, a study finds.

Mitacs celebrates researcher spearheading the development of next-gen AI networks

Nonprofit research organization Mitacs conferred the Mitacs Award for Exceptional Leadership on Georges Kaddoum, a top researcher at Montreal-based École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS).

Ottawa and provinces should harmonize privacy laws, says think tank

Ottawa should consider squeezing the provinces to enact similar federal, provincial and territorial privacy laws across Canada, says a new paper from the C.D. Howe Institute, which argues commonality will benefit businesses and consumers.

Broadcom’s VMware acquisition now official, GlobalData issues warning

The time it took for the US$69 billion purchase of VMware by Broadcom to finally be approved has potentially affected VMware’s standing and share value in the cyber security industry, says data and analytics firm GlobalData.

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