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Coffee Briefing Feb. 20 – Google Cloud stops charging customers for moving to another cloud provider; Thomson Reuters launches AI legal assistant in Canada; HP announces Digital Equity Accelerator program; and more

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Google Cloud stops charging departing customers for data transfer

Source: Google cloud

Google Cloud has announced that it will no longer charge customers moving to other cloud providers or migrating to on premises facilities for the transfer of their data.

“When customers’ business needs evolve, the cloud should be flexible enough to accommodate those changes,” Amit Zavery, general manager/vice president, head of platform at Google Cloud, said in a blog post.

“Google Cloud customers who wish to stop using Google Cloud and migrate their data to another cloud provider and/or on premises can take advantage of free network data transfer to migrate their data out of Google Cloud. This applies to all customers globally.”

Customers wishing to exit Google Cloud must be on the Premium Tier Network Service Tier, Google said, and fulfill specific criteria. They have 60 days following approval of the request to complete the migration.

AI legal assistant launches in Canada

Thomson Reuters today launched its generative AI legal assistant, CoCounsel Core, in Canada and Australia.

The company said in a release that the product, introduced in the U.S. last year, “equips today’s customers with eight generative AI-powered core legal skills, including Prepare for a Deposition, Draft Correspondence, Search a Database, Review Documents, Summarize a Document, Extract Contract Data, Contract Policy Compliance and Timeline. Together with AI-Assisted Research on Westlaw Precision and Ask Practical Law AI on Practical Law, these constitute the industry’s most comprehensive set of generative AI skills, designed to help lawyers quickly gather deeper insights and deliver a better work product.”

Feds lack strategy for evaluating international STIK deals: CCA

The federal government lacks a comprehensive strategy for evaluating international science, technology, innovation, and knowledge (STIK) partnerships – a situation intensified by rapidly evolving challenges, new markets, and growing opportunities for collaboration, a new report from the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) reveals.

The CCA brings together leading experts from various fields to assess complex scientific topics that are relevant to public decision-making in Canada.

Entitled Navigating Collaborative Futures, the report, according to a release, presents key elements of an evidence-based, data-enabled framework to evaluate new and existing international STIK partnership opportunities for Canada.

“Adopting a strategic approach to international STIK partnerships, grounded in national priorities, is essential to securing Canada’s resilience and prosperity,” said Monica Gattinger, chair of the panel that wrote the report. “The cost of inaction is incalculable, but it is surely steep.”

The CCA release notes that “Canada’s history of global STIK activities is marked by extensive collaboration and bolstered by a well-educated workforce, networks of high-quality research facilities, geographic benefits and associated natural resources, and a robust domestic science and technology ecosystem.”

Geotab launches new asset tracking solution 

Oakville, Ontario-based fleet management platform Geotab has announced the launch of Geotab GO Anywhere asset tracker, a hardware solution designed to help companies better manage and monitor their assets and vehicles from a single platform.

The company said that GO Anywhere boasts a rugged design, and extended battery life, as well as ease of installation, to handle a variety of industry use cases.

“Increasing economic pressures have magnified focus on cost-control, and businesses across all industries are seeking opportunities to improve bottom line health for both powered and non-powered assets,” said Sabina Martin, vice president of product management at Geotab. “Addressing the significant financial impact associated with lost or underutilized assets presents itself as a cost saving opportunity. The Geotab GO Anywhere improves asset monitoring, supports strategic deployment and effective utilization, transforming potential losses into substantial savings and productivity gains.”

Canada included in HP’s 2024 Digital Equity Accelerator program

HP has announced that it is now accepting submissions for the 2024 Digital Equity Accelerator program from organizations in Canada, as well as from Brazil and Poland.

The two-year program, aimed at bridging the global digital divide, offers 10 selected non profit organizations a US$100,000 grant, HP technology valued at US$100,000, and six months virtual training to scale digital equity solutions focused on educational, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

The company specifically seeks to address the connectivity gaps among Indigenous, rural and other marginalized groups in Canada.

“Digital equity is a core pillar of HP’s sustainability commitment as we believe in the power of technology to connect people and communities to create positive and lasting change,” said Mary Ann Yule, president and chief executive officer, HP Canada. “We are excited to launch the Digital Accelerator program to provide solutions that reduce the digital divide and advance digital equity in Canada and accelerate the valuable work of local nonprofits to allow them to thrive.”

HP will accept applications until March 1, 2024. Quebec organizations are not eligible to apply.

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UK leads takedown of LockBit ransomware gang’s website

The LockBit ransomware gang’s website has been seized, several news agencies reported late Monday.

Ottawa willing to improve cybersecurity bill, ministers tell MPs

Two senior Canadian cabinet ministers have told a parliamentary committee that the government is willing to make changes to its proposed cybersecurity legislation for federally regulated critical infrastructure providers to strengthen the bill.

Cisco to cut roughly 4,250 from its payroll

Cisco late this afternoon released its second quarter results, as well as announcing a reduction of its payroll by five per cent, which in terms of head count means an estimated 4,250  employees will be receiving termination notices.

Inadequate ID authentication blamed for 2020 data thefts at Canada Revenue, ESDC

The theft of tax and employment records of 48,000 of Canadians four years ago was the fault of poor IT authentication security, says the country’s privacy commissioner.

EY Canada, Microsoft launch climate stress testing initiative for FIs

Consulting and accounting firm EY Canada today launched the EY Climate Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis solution, a service running on Microsoft Azure which it said is designed to help safeguard Canada’s financial sector against the impacts of climate change.

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