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Coffee Briefing Oct. 10 – AI chatbot ChatGPT reshapes workplace norms amidst trust challenges: report; Meeranda’s human-like AI joins Amazon’s AWS build accelerator; iClassifier unveils AI breakthrough in dairy farming; and more

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AI chatbot ChatGPT reshapes workplace norms amidst trust challenges: report

Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT has experienced a 1,700 per cent increase in usage since its launch in November, according to a report. The findings, unveiled by Indusface based on a survey of 2,000 U.K. professionals, delve into the relationship between industries and artificial intelligence.

The report noted that the advertising industry leads the charge, with 39 per cent of employees integrating ChatGPT into their daily workflows. Legal professionals closely follow at 38 per cent, mirroring the sector’s adoption of AI, especially in optimizing contract efficiency.

The applications are diverse but clustered. Writing reports emerges as the most prevalent use, engaging 27 per cent of respondents. Translation tasks follow at 25 per cent, with research purposes at 17 per cent. However, a trend looms large — 55 per cent of respondents expressed reservations about collaborating with businesses employing ChatGPT, signaling apprehensions regarding data integrity and privacy.

Delving into the nuances of the technology, Venky Sundar, founder and president of Indusface, highlighted the balance between innovation and risk. While ChatGPT accelerates ideation and concept conversion, concerns linger about data security and code integrity. Sundar stressed the importance of meticulously curated knowledge bases, emphasizing the need for continuous training and updates to ensure the safe integration of AI into business frameworks.

iClassifier unveils AI breakthrough in dairy farming

Edmonton-based startup iClassifier has introduced what it calls the world’s first AI system for classifying dairy cow traits. Developed in partnership with Mitacs, the system employs advanced imaging and AI algorithms to assess 25 cow traits, offering farmers detailed health insights.

Animal scientist and assistant professor in the department of animal science and aquaculture at Dalhousie University Ghader Manafiazar said classified cows not only live longer but also yield higher milk production, translating to increased profits. The company’s automated approach hopes to streamline the traditionally manual and costly process.

iClassifier’s technology has a pilot project slated to launch on a Canadian dairy farm next spring. The company is set to showcase its solution at Dubai’s Gitex Northstar,.

Meeranda’s human-like AI joins Amazon’s AWS build accelerator

Toronto-based AI solutions provider Meeranda has secured a spot in Amazon’s AWS Build Accelerator program. The 10-week initiative, designed to assist startup founders, offers tailored training and mentorship, fostering decisions in product development.

Meeranda, known for its Human-Like AI serving both SMBs and global multinational corporations, views this acceptance as a timely boost, aligning with their upcoming MVP product launch. The program promises essential tools and knowledge to scale product development and fuel growth. Raji Wahidy, Meeranda’s co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO), expressed gratitude for Amazon’s support, citing the opportunity for refining their offerings, mentorship and access to Amazon’s ecosystem.

This marks Meeranda’s second acceptance into an Amazon-backed program, following its entry into Amazon’s AWS Activate program in August 2023. Despite being in its early stages, Meeranda has already secured agreements across six countries and seven industries.

Kinéis’s satellite connectivity transforms forest fire prevention

Toulouse-based Kinéis says it is changing forest fire prevention through satellite technology. Their solution aims to detect forest fires early, significantly reducing environmental impact. Kinéis’s global connectivity, operating via a constellation of 25 nanosatellites and 19 ground remote station terminals, allows tracking and monitoring in remote areas without terrestrial network coverage.

Operating within the 400 MHz bandwidth, whose frequencies, Kinéis said, penetrate canopy-covered environments, it will enable reliable, low-consumption global connectivity. The system’s terminals boast minimal power consumption, ensuring several years of autonomy by sending messages only when necessary. Selected by the French ministry of ecological transition and territorial cohesion for future forest fire detection systems, Kinéis says its solution works toward early fire detection, large-scale protection and improved emergency management during natural disasters.

Magnetawan first nation launches Indigenous-focused mobile app


Magnetawan First Nation, Ontario, has unveiled a mobile application to bridge communication gaps with its community members, both on and off-reserve. The official Magnetawan First Nation app, available for iOS and Android devices, enables private and secure communication between users and the administration office. Developed on the Communikit platform, a cross-platform service specifically designed for First Nations and Indigenous organizations, the app facilitates real-time updates, community news, cultural resources, and event notifications.

Chief Lloyd Myke emphasized the app’s importance in ensuring timely, culturally significant information reaches community members, especially those living off-reserve. Executive director Carol Wheatley also highlighted the platform’s role in preserving cultural practices and language, emphasizing its value in sharing traditional knowledge.

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The LockBit ransomware gang is threatening to release data on Wedneday stolen from CDW Corp., a major IT reseller and services provider in the U.S., Canada and the U.K..

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Last month’s cyber attack by the AlphV ransomware gang on MGM Resorts cost the company at least US$100 million in disruption and lost business, plus another US$10 million in IT recovery costs, it said in a regulatory filing.

Robert Half Canada unveils 2024 job market report

Robert Half Canada, a talent solutions provider, has released its 2024 salary guide, offering a comprehensive analysis of the current job market. 

Google execs predict GenAI could be major windfall for Canada

If used in a responsible way, generative AI (GenAI) represents a technology shift and breakthrough not witnessed since the advent of the mobile phone, says Sam Sebastian, vice president and general manager for Google Cloud Canada.

Search engines, social media platforms to come under Canada’s AI law, says government

The government of Canada has come through with more information on amendments to its proposed privacy and artificial intelligence legislation, although the exact wording in some cases isn’t detailed.

ServiceNow adds integration with BlackBerry UEM

ServiceNow has added integration with BlackBerry’s UEM endpoint management suite to its digital workflow solution.

Bill C-18 draft regulations fail to sway Google

The government’s draft regulations to address concerns with Bill C-18 have again failed to sway Google.

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